Monday, April 7, 2014

The Origins of Totalitarianism-- Race-Thinking

In Hannah Arendt’s work, The Origins of Totalitarianism, she tries to pinpoint where racism originates.  She goes on to say that racism was an adaptation from its previous form, race-thinking.  Race-Thinking is said to be a German intervention established in the early 18th century also known as, “German thinking”.  It was originally invented to unite the German people against foreign domination. A later example of this theory was how England told the new American Colonies to unite amongst one another.  This theory was necessary for the new colonies because they were separated from their mother country (England) by thousands of miles of ocean.  Race-thinking was taking place during the same times in Germany, France, Prussia, and England.  Some say that race thinking was developed as a weapon for nationalists; others say it was an instrument of internal division.  What ever it may be, race-thinking evolved to create a monster, racism.  “A racist constantly denies the principal of equality for all people guaranteed by the idea of mankind”(Arendt 161).

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