Sunday, April 20, 2014

Response to Kyra

From my point of view, it seemed that most of the scenarios explained did not have simply a short-term affect. Sure the symptoms and severity of the problems decreased as time went on, but they will never completely go away. For the Algerians and the Europeans, the "war" changed them in an irreparable way. The daughter that lost respect for her father will be affected by that, and the man that tortured Algerians will also be affected by that. The European police inspector acknowledged that he was not able to torture Algerians without feeling guilty and taking it out on his family. Although the colonizers are somewhat in control they are still human beings, and they are still bound to react to the torture they are inflicting.
I think that it is difficult to say if there are long-term effects to the colonizing country simply because the effects are only really felt by the colonizers in the colonized country, so France, for example, as a whole, wouldn't be expected to be affected by the colonization in the same way.

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