Monday, April 28, 2014

NYU Students Simulate Israeli/Palestinian Conflict in Dorms

I thought the timing of this coincided pretty nicely with our class discussion. Excellent planning professor.

Even though I know it's super tempting to open the article and read it, I'll summarize briefly. On April 24 "NYU-Students for Justice in Palestine" spread 2,000 fake eviction notices through two NYU dorms. A quote from the website explains the thought behind the action:

"since 1967, approximately 160,000 Palestinians have received similar notices, only to witness their homes destroyed by Israeli forces shortly after. The purpose of this action, led by New York University’s Students for Justice in Palestine, was to draw attention to this reality Palestinians face daily."

The eviction notices were clearly labeled "NOT REAL", but the act has been hailed as anti-Semitic by some. In any case, the event has sparked a debate that goes beyond NYU and has been featured in other local news cycles.

What are your guys' opinions on this? Did any of you get a flyer under your door? What are your thoughts on this as an effective or offensive way of raising awareness?

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  1. Regardless of your leanings, you can see how some might find this one-sided. Antisemitic is another thing ...


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