Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Fanon Thoughts

Fanon’s assertions that the economic slavery of colonialism makes its subjects stronger than their overlords echoes the discussion we had in class about similar assertions made in Mamandi’s piece. The discussion focused on how slavery makes the overlords weak and completely dependent on their subjects; in a way, the overlords become the epitome of what they took the slaves to be.

Furthermore, this piece reminds me of issues discussed in my Human Communication & Culture class, in that we often touch on the role that oppression plays in the psychological being of an individual. Fanon, in this piece, seems to remind us that alienation, poverty, and marginalization are responsible for many of the social and psychological ills of our time. Being that this was written in 1961, it may be a bit outdated – though I don’t think that it can be challenged that Fanon’s ideas can still be applied to society today, though perhaps to different aspects of society.

(This is my 2nd Fanon Blog Post to make up for a late blog post last time)

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