Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Civilization and Its Discontents I - IV

- Man's Ego, or sense of self, is gradually developed from youth, and all stages of physical development remain in the memory alone. 
- Religion is illusory, and provides an 'oceanic' feeling of oneness that is ultimately a delusion. 
- Purpose of life is empirically unanswerable, however Freud's pleasure principle dictates that the goal of mankind is to "become happy and remain so." 
- Civilization is the cause of human misery. Eros and Thanatos. Society values beauty, cleanliness, and order. 
- The need for human relationships arises from the need to work for property and to find and remain with one's sexual object. 

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  1. Remember, the second point is actually Rollo May's and a point of view that F rejects.


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