Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mamdani Discussion Questions

1. What are the characteristics of a political identity?
2. What are the differences between direct and indirect rule?
3. Why was there a shift away from direct rule to indirect rule?
4. What is a virtual citizen?
5. Why are there two kinds of citizens in a postcolonial society?
6. How are the Hutus and Tutsis an example of how political identities change according to how the state changes?


  1. sheila dont worry you are my noble leader :)

  2. To answer your fourth question, when colonizers settled in indigenous land the subject races came about from a relationship between the colonizers and the non-indigenous population of the place being colonized. A virtual citizen was basically the group of subject races caught in the midst of this racial discrimination between the colonizers and the colonized that was not as black and white. Because of this population of non indigenous people living in colonized lands, colonizers were confused how to define this group therefore giving them a hypothetical potential to become full citizens but could not do so in the midst of race discrimination and limited civil rights.


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