Sunday, March 30, 2014

What is contemporary intellectual debate?

What is contemporary intellectual debate?

Amidst grading and keeping dry this weekend, I came across this blurb of a debate talking place between two journalists, which seems apposite to some of the things we will be discussing in the next few weeks.  I'm posting the debate in the Google Drive in a folder called "Debate".  

If you care about inequality and discrimination and what the answers might be to it (nice rhetorical gesture, no?), you should read this.  None of the pieces are that long.

I also watched a horrible horrible movie called "Amazing Racer" (also apparently known prosaically as "Shannon's Rainbow") with my son, which is on NetFlix (he selected it), but starts among others Eric Roberts (no stranger to B movies), Jason Gedrick and Louis Gossett Jr. (of Iron Eagle fame!), as well as Scott Eastman (Clint's son), Darryl Hannah and Michael Madsen (MM had no business being a movie that does not involve crime or swords or violence).  It had no connection to the preceding.

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