Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thoughts on Friedman - Jordan Scott

I completely agree with Friedman's idea that the government is only supposed to exist according to the will of the people. We are not a patron of the government, nor do we serve our government. I know we discussed in class why inequality may be necessary, and I think that is the main point of Friedman in his writing. We need a free market that creates competition and inequality in order to advance in society. I really like his backup evidence of ideas like the Jews being officially persecuted in medieval times but they were still successful because they were allowed to be merchants. Once our political and economic freedom is taken away, even if it's in an attempt to make everyone more 'equal' no good can come from that. There needs to be inequality. When people argue that there needs to be more governmental control so that things like the Great Depression don't happen again, they are completely wrong because the Great Depression was exactly caused by government mismanagement. It truly should be freedom first, equality second.

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