Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marx Day 2 - Jordan Scott

Men begin to distinguish themselves from animals as soon as they start to produce their means of substance. The reason they are able to produce their means of substance before realizing their consciousness, is from their ability to physically organize. I think it's very interesting that by producing their means of substance, they are indirectly producing their actual material life. I'm not sure if I can compare this today, where if for example, by blogging and writing every day (putting in 'physical' labor to write) I am slowly gaining a following, and therefore am producing a way to make money/profit in the future? Or a better example may be that by growing corn, we are making a profitable business because by practicing farming, we get better, grow better crops, etc.? 

"As individuals express their life, so they are." I think this is a beautiful quote. They way you live your life each day, the work and effort you put in, is exactly what you're going to get out. Not just 'spiritually' or by feeling happy, I think Marx is saying materially also. 

Each new productive force develops the division of labor. So, with each new app making everything a little bit easier for us, we are increasing the productivity of our nation, and further developing the division of labor. 

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