Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marx and Labor

I find Marx’s approach to labor depressing. It detaches humans from the tasks they perform.  The very basis for human life is to reach satisfaction.  It is to be happy with what one has.  Marx replaces that rudimentary goal of life with the struggle to accumulate wealth.  I use the word struggle not only because there is a societal competition to claim finite, but also because it forces people to move past a state of comfort to a state of striving for more in perpetuity.  Marx says that when people perform a task for others, the product goes to the other person.  Satisfaction is gained in this transaction, but it is complicated.  People no longer are providing their own fulfillment.  This rings true into today’s culture where Marx’s logic has been complicated even more. Because this way of living has been successful thus far (for the most part), does that justify greed in people? 

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