Sunday, February 23, 2014

A contrary view

I disagree with Olympre De Gouges rights for women. Her Article I says " Woman is born free and lives equal to man in her rights..." Her statement is wrong. Women are not born equal to men. Women are linked to encumbrance, breast nurturance, and irrationality. Men are wagers of war and can't nurture children.  Women don't have property their husbands do.  Olympre is obviously wrong and biased. She mentions woman first before man in each Article. Women are too emotional and irrational to make laws. Women don't need liberation because there are subject to Men. Eve sinned first so she must be subject to Adam. Men have rights but Women only have certain rights.


  1. Hi, emotional good-for-nothing-but-nurturing-children woman here,

    What century are you in? Perhaps we may have tendencies or links to child-rearing, and men lean towards war, but do you honestly see no overlap in 2014? Women are subject to men? Are you actually quoting the bible and calling women irrational? If you're going to follow your own point that men are war-wagers and women are emotional child bearers, then you should really say, women have some rights, just like men have SOME rights.

    Thanks :)

  2. I'm in the 21st century. The year 2014 says nothing about equivalence between men and women. Assumptions like that are very harmful and threatening to people. Women are subject to men! That's not my ideology, its church doctrine. I'm not the one who created these polices. I'm simply bringing them into the light. Have you ever asked yourself how these policies came to be? These ideas didn't just appear overnight Jordan. They have been embedded in our society for centuries and they still exist today. You are a female in modern society. Do really believe in "equality?" There is no such thing as equality.

  3. I know I invited this, but the level of this discourse leaves something to be desired. Let's table the issue until we get to Gilman.


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