Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monique Brown Intro

Hey everyone,

My name is Monique. I’m a New York native. I live in Mount Vernon and commute. (Hour and a half commute every day to school. Oh joy.) I’m a sophomore with a major in Politics. Future lawyer in the house!  I like sleep, babies, and sweets.

I had an intellectual experience not too long ago.  Over winter break, I was with my little 5 year old cousin, Nico, who had just been cured of Chronic Granulomatous Disease.  He hadn’t been able to go to school, or parks, or the beach due to lack of an immune system.  Before having this particular conversation with him, I was all about drastic actions. I’m 19, and was in desperate need to get a tattoo or go to Miami for a weekend.  It didn’t matter to me unless it was crazy and somewhat dangerous.  He said something to me that changed my whole outlook on which moments count the most.  I asked him what he was most exciting about his first field trip.  I expected him to say the planes in the museum, or going to the park.  He replied excitedly saying that the school bus was “really really fun.”  To him, just being able to be in a bus, amongst other little kids was what stuck in his mind.  I don’t know if that’s exactly intellectual, but it certainly insightful.

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